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Smartwatch with advanced cool features and benefits. European Based Charger included in the package.

  • $5999

This Smart Watch can answer/calls, do hands-free calls,play your music,sync date/time/SMS, has instant message remind, Burglar alarm, Alarm clock, Altitude meter etc. and at the same time you will be able to control cell phone cameras remotely. The smart watch which can be acquired in 3 colors and has special noise reduction microphone. Features are galore an especially features as Ecompass, so you never get lost, Pedometer to help you with fat burning and the anti-theft function makes it really the next generation watch. Did I mention it also shows the time and date.



  • Do you want to be able to answer calls and do handsfree call from your wrist - this Smart Watch does the job with the blue tooth connection to both IOS and Android
  • With this Smart Watch which connects to both the iPhone and the Android SmartPhones you can play your music,sync date/time/SMS and get instant message remind. European Based Charger embedded in the box.
  • Control Your cell phone camera remotely and be able to got selfies without a Selfie Stick. Don’t get lost with the inbuilt Ecompass and measure your activities with the Pedometer at the same time - this is the newest in iPhone and Android connected watches
  • Besides having Burglar alarm, Alarm clock and Altitude meter, this IOS and Android based Smartwatch does also show the the time, the date and furthermore have noise reduced microphone which enables you to have a more uncluttered conversation
  • Give yourself the pleasure of being even more mobile with this Touch Screen based Smartwatch from LeMik - purchase now by clicking the basket button here on this Page



Features :

- Burglar Alarm

- Compass

- Pedometer

- Record burned calories

- Music Play

- Vibration

- Distance Count

- Call Reminder

- Alarm function

- Remote Camera Control

- Bluetooth

- Stopwatch

- SMS note

- Find Smartphone

- Sleep monitoring



Model : 26S

Material : Vacuum plating + Silicone

Dimension : 54 x 45 x 11mm

Screen Dimension : 26*25mm(1.44 inch TFT LCD)

Screen Resolution: 128*128

Watchband Dimension : Length 260mm , Width 25mm

Battery Capacity : 230mah

Charging Time : 1 hour

Talking Tme : 4 hours

Stand Time : 180 hours

Language: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, German, Dutch etc.

Physical Buttons: switch / HOME button, reset button

Touch Button : confirmation / answer key, volume control keys, return / hang up button

Port : micro USB charge port , speaker, microphone

Color: white, blue, black