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Elegant Wall Mount for Nintendo Wii, Clean and Cool Nintendo Wii Wall Bracket.

  • $3495

This functional and durable system enhances the elegantly look of your home. Nintendo WII wall mount system for the selective user is easy to mount, and is the worlds thinnest Nintendo WII holder. The slim and magnetic suspension mak es it nearly invisible, and the Nintendo WII wall bracket can be positioned easily at any height.


  • Worlds thinnest
  • Easy installation
  • Not harmful to electronics
  • Magnetic suspension
  • Tüv/GS certified
  • Load tested
  • Temperature -10 degree Celcius - 65 degree Celsius
  • Max load 2,4 kg
  • Dimension 180x145x4 mm
  • Weight 660 g

    In as little as 4 minutes with the easy to use template and supplied screws you can get your Nintendo Wii out of harm's way and declutter your space in the process. Plus you'll also get that wow factor you've been looking for when your friends see your Nintendo Wii practically floating on the wall.

    This Nintendo Wii mounting kit is produced in Denmark with a high demand for quality, and it has been proven several times to keep the device securely affixed to the mounting kit.

    This Nintendo Wii mounting kit is easy to install and gives you a decluttered area around your Nintendo Wii - it comes with an easy to use template for the screw holes.

    100% Guarantee of Satisfaction - or your money back!

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