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Clean and Cool Wall Mount System for Apple TV 2-3 model 2-3 and Apple Airport Express.

  • $2546

This functional and durable system enhances the elegantly look of your home. Apple TV 2-3 wall mount system for th e selective user is easy to mount, and is the worlds thinnest Apple TV 2-3 holder. The slim and magnetic suspension ma kes it nearly invisible, and the Apple TV 2-3 wall bracket can be positioned easily at any height. This Apple TV brack et is the perfect companion to the Clean and Cool Flat Screen Wall Mount System - also from LeMik.


  • Worlds thinnest
  • Easy installation
  • Not harmful to electronics
  • Magnetic suspension
  • Tüv/GS certified
  • Load tested
  • Temperature -10 degree Celcius - 65 degree Celsius
  • Max load 0,5 kg
  • Thickness 4 mm
  • Diameter 75 mm
  • Weight 100 g

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