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2800mah Power Bank Charger in Stainless Steel.

  • $1495

Danish Designed Quality Product – Power on the Go Charger From LeMik.

Compact Portable External Battery Power Bank Charger for Apple iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod, Most Android Phones, and cameras. Comes with one USB cable, 5 connectors and replaceable battery.

The Problem
Often we always need to charge our accessories when we are out, and no power outlet is available. Some times we want our accessories to have a little more battery time, however, even how much we get – it’s always too little !

The Solution
Here is where the Power on the Go Mobile Charger from LeMik comes into the picture! With this mobile charger, you can recharge your battery power whenever, wherever you want.

You will not have to worry about your phone or any of your other personal electronic devices running out of power while you are on the road.

With a Mobile iPhone charger that can power up your devices instantly, staying connected with family and friends has never been so easy. This charger is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and cameras. Slim device for bags or pockets. This portable battery charger has a capacity of 2800 mAh.

Feature Bullits:

* High Standard Stainless Steel
* Danish Design
* Super long standby time
* charging time through USB or adaptor 4,5 – 5 hours (Based on adaptor or laptop)
* Charging and discharging indicator lights
* Replaceable Battery
* Equipped with protection arrangement to protect from battery reverse

Technical details :

* Stainless steel shell to make the device with a long lifespan and easy to recycle
* Fits for 18650 battery, replaceable and rechargeable – which prepare it for future batteries with more capacity.
* Once you put the battery inside the case, the green indicator will twinkle about 20 seconds if power adequate,
If power inadequate a red light twinkle 20 seconds.
* Comes with connectors for iPhone4, iPhone 5,Nokia, mini us, micro usb
* Input: 5V 0.5A, Micro USB
* Output: 5V 1A, USB

LeMik purely does business with wellknown recommended suppliers, which have several years of experience within producing iPhone accessories. Product from LeMik always come with a 60 days no questions asked guarantee.

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