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Danish Designed Wall Bracket for Apple Mini Mac. Mounts Your Mini Mac Perfectly on the Wall.

  • $3795

Gift your workplace or game-station a light weight Apple Mini Mac Wall Bracket. A sleek and compact Wall Mount System for MAC Mini that allows secured mounting of your device to the wall without having to worry about the air-flow issues of other bulky wall mounts.

  • 2 Perfect Pieces of Plastic bracket provided in every kit
  • High Quality Polycarbonate Plastic Perfectly Affix to the Wall
  • Apple Mini Mac is not included
  • Ensures Guaranteed Satisfaction!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction!

This Mac Wall mounting kit is simple and easy-to-install in just 4 minutes. With the template and supplied screws you can get your Apple Mini Mac out of harm and declutter your space in the process. Plus you'll also get that wow factor you've been looking for when your friends see your Apple Mini Mac practically floating on the wall. 

This Apple Mini Mac mounting kit is produced in Denmark with a high demand for quality, and it has been proven several times to keep the device securely affixed to the mounting kit. 

This Apple Mini Mac mounting kit is easy to install and gives you a decluttered area around your Apple Mini Mac - it comes with an easy to use template for the screw holes.

100% Guarantee of Satisfaction - or your money back!

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