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Clean and Cool Designed Ipad Wall Mount System. Fits Perfectly in both Car and on the Wall.

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Product description

This functional and durable system enhances the elegantly look of your home. iPad wall mount system for the selective user is easy to mount, and is the worlds thinnest iPad holder - 4-6 mm. Th slim and magnetic suspension makes it nearly invisible, and the iPad wall bracket can be positioned easily at any height.


  • This innovative iPad bracket system makes mounting your iPad anywhere both elegant and effortless.
  • This worlds thinnest, easy to mount, nearly invisible iPad holder can be positioned at any height and gives a cool look into your home
  • Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool - why it deserves this ipad wall mount docking station.  Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to be effective as never before. This iPad mounting system enables beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity using simple and seamless technique.
  • This unique and great design is for the selective user. This iPad mounting system allows for thin & lightweight protective cases to be mounted beautifully via the super thin and super strong magnetic accessories.
  • This iPad mounting system is very aesthetic and looks very elegant on the wall - it seems like your ipad is magically floating on the wall. Furthermore with extra holders you can move it easily form your wall to your car, and for example use the navigation system from the ipad. when returning home just magnetize it on the wall again for for example charging.



Worlds thinnest

Easy installation

Not harmful to electronics

Magnetic suspension

Tüv/GS certified

Temperature -10 degree Celcius - 65 degree Celsius

Max load 0,75 kg

Size 111x167x17 mm

Weight 0,133 kg in package

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