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Press Release MagnAttach Universal Smartphone Mount Holder for Wall and Car

Posted by Leo Woer on

To be ready for sales for the upcoming Christmas, LeMik has now launched an extremely thin universal smartphone mount holder - the MagnAttach.

Boasting a sleek and elegant design, the MagnAttach smartphone holder is only 4-6mm thick- making it practically invisible when it's in use. The accessory features a sturdy magnetic mount system, allowing it to be mounted at any height without the risk of the losing the grip on the smartphone.

Designed with the selective user in mind, the MagnAttach allows for easy and effortless mounting of any smartphone weighing 0.75g or less. Also accompanied with extra holders, the accessory can be used when charging the phone at home or for safe and convenient storage.

Furthermore - this new design is prepared in such a way that it can replace the traditionally GPS systems in cars - so this will come as an aesthetic and useful solution to the cumbersome issues of upgrading the normal GPS system.

The MagnaAttach magnetic car phone mount is distributed by Lemik. Co-owner of the company, Leo Woer, said: "Lemik is an innovator in technology and as always we wanted to offer a car phone mount with a difference - one that is useful both in the home and office."

With its aesthetic design and multipurpose capacity, the MagnAttach smartphone holder is the ideal Christmas gift for just about anyone that owns a smartphone.

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